Rachael Delaney

UX/UI | Web Development


Rachael had a need for a website that would display her artwork and also be a point of contact for potential collaborations. She did not specify any particular elements or styles that she wanted to see in the design, so that gave me a wide range of WordPress themes to choose from. After the site map was determined, and the scope of work was agreed upon, I found three different WP Themes that I thought would display her work effectively. I leaned into a clean, contemporary aesthetic so that all of the website's emphasis would be placed on her work. Rachael picked her favorite of the three, I designed a UI comp for the main page and interior portfolio page, and then created the site through WordPress. The final result is a clean, approachable website that is easy to navigate and displays Rachael's beautiful work nicely.

Theme Selection

Sample of the theme selection process. I chose three themes based off of the desired design and then Rachael picked her favorite of the three to move forward with.

UI Comps

Initial homepage comp. Click on the image to see the entire comp.

Initial portfolio page comp. Click on the image to see the entire comp.