Proper Grounds

UX/UI | Web Development


This was a hypothetical project where I chose a local company called Proper Grounds Coffee Co. that I thought could use a website redesign, created wireframes and UI comps, and then developed the final design with HTML5 and CSS3. I observed that their website did not reflect the warmth and humanity that their space emitted. In order to design a virtual space that had the same feel as their physical one, I took photographs of various distinguishing marks within the store. Using this imagery, I designed a single-page site to exhibit the same welcoming feeling I felt inside their doors. When developing the site, I had not yet learned how to create a responsive site but did challenge myself to use some JavaScript and jQuery for hover-states and smooth-scrolling from clicking the menu. I discovered a passion for UX/UI as well as web development in the midst of this project. The final result is a website that is easy to navigate and a much more pleasant virtual space to interact with.

Original Website

Property Proper Grounds Coffee Co.

Property Proper Grounds Coffee Co.


Location screen. Initial wireframes had the menu on the left.

Shop screen.

UI Comp

Final homepage UI. Click on the image to see the entire comp.

Completed Redesign

Proportions of website became a lot more restrained in final product.