Northern Vessel


Photo by Lucas Leeland


Northern Vessel brought me in to create a more cohesive brand for them. They already had a combination brand mark and a letter mark in the NV but needed a set of sub-brand marks. They were looking to section out the company and wanted each facet to have its own branding underneath the Northern Vessel umbrella. I created both sub-brand marks for Fleet and Coast, their delivery service and coffee cart, respectively. Northern Vessel requested a very clean, contemporary, and somewhat elegant aesthetic out of the marks. I designed each mark with future expansion in mind, making sure to adhere to a cohesive system as I went. The elements that create the abstract marks in each sub-brand mark were taken from the main NV letter mark and made to be much lighter in weight, then rearranged to create the marks.


Once those were complete, I asked Northern Vessel if they would allow me to re-design their combination mark. I picked a new typeface that better matched the existing letter mark and paid close attention to the kerning and padding between the elements to create a clean and balanced lockup.


These digital sketches are a sample of how I arrived to the final form of the Fleet mark. This shows how the elements in the NV mark were used to create the final shape.

Final Sub-Brand Marks
Final Main Brand Marks