I am a very motivated, dedicated, and passionate individual who strives to do all things to the best of my ability. I do not enjoy things that are “good enough” and will do everything in my power to make them great. Integrity and honesty are two major driving forces in my life and every decision that I make is rooted in these attributes. I am energetic and love to spread positivity and optimism wherever I go, encouraging those around me. Creativity and problem solving allow me to navigate through tasks and over obstacles. All of these traits combine to make me a strong leader and a hard worker.

Historical Influences

I love paintings that I can see the deep brush strokes in the paint that are a little less detailed but are still perfectly displaying an image. Naturally, I am drawn to post-impressionist artists. My favorite of the bunch is Vincent van Gogh. His paintings have a real texture and an overall mood to them. Sometimes they are warm and inviting, but other times they are off-putting and stale, like in The Night Café. The texture, the feel, and the emotion in these 2D paintings inspires me to create some semblance of the physical world in the websites and digital art I create.

A.M. Cassandre is another big influence on me. Art Deco is such a beautiful and elegant style and, in my opinion, he was the best in the business. The shadows and gradients that he put in the pieces to convey depth are just incredible. He also had a mind for advertising and in telling stories through simple pictorials. I don’t have to speak French to understand the meaning behind what is going on in one of the Dubonnet pieces.