Craft is our passion. Kindness is our inspiration.


We want you to have experiences here that brighten your day and create great memories. Those experiences start with us using quality goods and by having friendly people behind the counter. We love having the opportunity to serve you and we look forward to seeing you day after day.

We roast our coffee in our older space just across the street where we also bake our fresh, homemade pastries, we only carry small-batch distilled spirits, we make all of our syrups in house, and we prepare our food by hand with great care.

Everything we source is from sustainable suppliers where we only get the best ingredients we can get our hands on and we buy local as often as possible. We work with local suppliers and small farms and make decisions based on whether or not we are benefiting those sources as well as ourselves. Our goal is to enrich our community and sustain our planet.


We are very proud of our new location and how it feels inside. We want to provide you with the joy the first cup of coffee in the morning brings and the satisfaction of a smooth scotch in the afternoon after a long day of work. We want to give you a place for daily comfort here. If you spend time in comfort with the company of family, friends, or just alone, that is time well-spent.

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our community. Wherever you come from, we’re very happy you’re here.

Selling Whole

At this point in time, we’ve been roasting coffee for a long while. In 2009 we started roasting with a coffee machine but now we use a Diedrich IR-12. Fancy.

On Mondays we roast the coffee and ship it out on Tuesdays.

If you have any questions or are interested in pricing, please feel free to email our wholesale representative, Myles.

Our happy hour is all day, every day.

Come see our new space. We designed it with the belief that food and drink are best consumed in good company and conversation.

Big windows. Community spaces. Large tables. Air. Coffee. Food.

Come try our great coffee and a great sampling of small-batch spirits.

Monday - Saturday: 7a - 7p
Sunday: 7a - 5p